Some users may encounter a situation where it is not possible to delete an appointment from the Calendar because the confirmation buttons are hidden behind a popup box.

Example of Issue:

  1. Click the Calendar option the Main Menu.
  2. Click an Appointment or Call within the Calendar to display the activity options popup.
  3. Click the Delete link.
  4. The Delete Activity confirmation box appears behind the previous popup, and the Yes/No buttons cannot be selected, as shown below:

    Covered Delete Buttons


How to Resolve the Issue:

  1. If your browser is maximized (using the full area of the screen), click the Restore Down button at the top right of your internet browser.

    Restore Down

  2. Resize the browser window until the delete confirmation buttons are visible and clickable. As the browser is resized, the activity popup will not move, while the confirmation box will.

    Delete Confirmation Box

  3. Click Yes to delete the activity, or No to cancel.

Alternatively, you can click Edit Details from within the popup (instead of Delete), then click the Delete icon at the bottom of the Activity Details page.


This is a known issue which the development team will work to correct in a future update.