Top Producer 7i is based on Microsoft Java technology. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the only Web browser supported; this means Firefox, Safari, and other Web browser users can’t use 7i. If you have a new computer, Microsoft Java doesn’t come installed. Top Producer 8i is based on and Ajax. This technology is compatible with a wider range of Web browsers. 8i also uses less of your computer’s resources, resulting in faster response time.

Web Browser

Top Producer 7i disabled most Web browser functions that normally appear across the top of the browser window. This included functions like the address bar, Back and Forward buttons, the Refresh button, multiple windows, and tabs. Top Producer 8i runs in a normal browser window, allowing you to use all your Web browser functions. 8i users can also use the browser’s print screen feature. You can now display information the way you want and print it off.

The New Layout and Navigation

Top Producer 8i’s main navigation and layout is a departure from 7i. Access to key features and records are organized by main menu icons. Clicking on an icon takes you to a landing page, a brand new feature in 8i. These landing pages display statistical information on your records, and give you easy access to frequently used functions.


Top Producer 7i used multi-step wizard based pages for many of its workflows. In Top Producer 8i, this has been replaced with single-screen forms which allow you to enter and view information on one page, rather than having to click through several multi-step pages.

Contacts Look-up

The Contacts Look-up tool appears on the right side of the Home page, or Dashboard. You can quickly link a contact to another record by dragging and dropping a contact’s name onto a form. This saves you from having to type a contact name, or performing a search, as was required in Top Producer 7i.

Load Indicators

When Top Producer 8i is retrieving information from your database, an indicator displays to let you know the system is still working to find and display the requested information. This indicator normally appears in the lower right hand corner of the browser window.