Top Producer® 8i CRM: Email Overview

Top Producer CRM’s email feature is similar to other web-based email applications that allow you to work with emails and attachments. The added benefit of Top Producer’s email feature is its full integration with your contact database.

There are two email tools that are accessible from the Email main menu icon:

  1. Inbox: Use this web-based email application to send and receive emails, store draft emails, download or include attachments, etc. You can insert a link to published marketing materials that appears in the email body. Emails you send are stored in the Sent Items folder. Use this email feature for direct and immediate communication with your contacts.
  2. Mass Email: Use the Mass Email feature if you want to create emails using Top Producer’s email templates from the Template Library. Emails you send are stored as completed activities on the Activities tab of every contact to whom the email was sent. Use this email feature for sending marketing material to multiple contacts at the same time.

Note: If Outlook Sync has been enabled, Microsoft Outlook is used when working with emails instead of Top Producer’s built-in email client.

Important: Prior to using the email manager you must first complete Setting Up Your Email Account.

Accessing the Email Manager

The email manager automatically opens on the Inbox, and can be accessed from one of two locations:

  • By clicking the Email main menu item.
  • By selecting Inbox from the Email main menu item.

Top Producer CRM - Email inbox

  1. Email List
  2. The email list displays all of your emails in the currently selected folder. The inbox folder is selected by default when you open the email manager. You can sort how the email list is being displayed by clicking either the From, Subject, Size or Received headers. The attachment email-attachment column indicates if the email has an attachment and the link email-link column indicates if the email has been linked to a contact. Clicking on an email will allow you to view the content email in the preview email window below, while double clicking an email message from the email list will open it in in full page view.

  3. Email Preview Window
  4. The email preview window allows you to view the content of the currently selected email. To access any email attachments click the expand expand icon to display a list of the current email attachments. For more information, read Saving and Viewing Email Attachments. The add-contact icon in the email header can be used to Create a New Contact using the information available in the email. The link email-link icon in the email header can be used to see what contacts are currently linked to the selected email or it can be used to link the email to additional contacts. For more information on linking emails to contacts, read Linking a Message to an Existing Contact.

  5. Email Toolbar
  6. The email toolbar is used to perform the standard email functions such as Open, Reply Forward, Print and Delete with any selected email. The Spam button can be used to can be used to mark an email as spam and move it to the spam folder. If you are using an email address you do have the option of setting up an automatic spam filter. For more information on spam filters, read Setting up the Email Spam Filter. The Copy to… and Move to… buttons can be used to move or copy the selected emails into a specific folder.

  7. Compose/Check Email Buttons
  8. The Compose button will bring up the compose new email window, from which you will be able to compose and send a new email message. The Check Email button will check for new emails.

    Note: Top Producer only automatically checks for new email messages when you first open the email inbox. If you are working within the email manager for extended periods of time you will need to click the Check Email button to download new emails.

  9. Email Folders
  10. The email folders section contains the standard default folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Spam and Trash. You can also add your own personal email folders to manage your emails. For more information on adding personal folders, read Organizing Your Email Inbox.

    Important: Since email in the Spam folder will be deleted automatically after 15 days, check the Spam folder regularly to ensure you are not missing important email from clients. Legitimate emails may get filtered into the Spam folder, and it is not possible to set whether specific email addresses are legitimate or spam. Checking the Spam folder regularly will ensure you are receiving all legitimate emails.

Log in to view your Top Producer email.

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