You can now send Market Snapshots to a large group of your past clients to let them know how their investment is performing. They’ll stay informed and you’ll be top of mind!

When you send Market Snapshots to a group of clients, they’ll receive snapshots every 6 months and alerts when homes sell in their neighborhood.

To send snapshots to a group of clients:

In Top Producer CRM, go to Contacts > Search for Contacts to search for the group you want to send snapshots to.


Next, select the contacts you want to send snapshots to > click Send Market Snapshots.


 That’s it!


How often will my clients receive these snapshots?

Every 6 months.

Will you send Listing Alerts too?

Since your past clients and sphere are likely most interested in what the neighbor’s house sold for, they’ll get Sold Alerts too (if they’re available in your area).

What area is the snapshot based on?

The snapshot is based on the primary property in the client’s record.


How many clients can I send snapshots to at one time?

Currently you can select up to 5000 clients at a time. Remember, only those that have a zip code or email address in their record will receive snapshots.

What if their record in Top Producer CRM is missing key info?

The only info we need in order to send your client a snapshot is a zip code and email address. If you select clients that don’t have this info in their record, we won’t send them a snapshot.

On the other hand, if their primary property is missing other info, like the number of beds/baths, we’ll just use the default settings (in this case, 3 beds and 2 baths).

What if they're already receiving a snapshot?

If they’re already receiving a snapshot, we won’t send them another.

What if they've unsubscribed from receiving my marketing materials?

We won’t send them a thing. We don’t want you labeled a spammer.

If a client was previously receiving a Market Snapshot but it was stopped (either by the client or myself), will they receive snapshots again if I include them in the mass send group?

If you or a client previously stopped a snapshot, and they’re included in the group you mass send to, they’ll start receiving snapshots again.

Don’t confuse stopping a snapshot with unsubscribing though. When a client stops a snapshot (via the drop-down list in their consumer settings below), they’ve just opted not to receive future snapshots.


When a client unsubscribes from your marketing emails via the Unsubscribe link in an email (shown below), they’ve opted not to receive any marketing email from you. Don’t worry, we won’t send to these folks.


Will I receive confirmation/failed emails for all of these snapshots?

You will receive email notifications only when the reports fail to send. We’re currently working on addressing this, since sending these failed messages could result in a lot of emails in your Inbox.

And while you won’t receive the confirmation/success messages, you can still view the details from the Notifications tab in their Top Producer CRM record, and from the Market Snapshot Status Report in Top Marketer.

Notifications tab in Top Producer CRM


Market Snapshot Status Report in Top Marketer



How long will it take for my clients to receive their snapshots?

It all depends on how many clients you selected and how many other snapshots are waiting to be sent. It might take a while for the last client to get the report, but rest assured, they’ll receive it.

You can view the status of your snapshots from the Market Snapshot Status Report in Top Marketer.


The snapshots I sent to a group of clients failed. Why is this?

It’s likely that the Auto-send feature is either turned off or your MLS doesn’t support it, but first check the Market Snapshot Status Report to determine why it failed. Just go to Market Snapshot > Market Snapshot Status Report to see the Failure Message. If it states that Auto send MS is turned off, it’s caused by 1 of 2 things.


It could be that the Auto-send feature is turned off in your MLS settings. To check, just go to Setup > MLS Setup and make sure the Auto Send Market Snapshots option is selected.


If it is already turned on and the Failure Message was Auto send MS is turned off, it means your MLS doesn’t support the Auto-send feature and you’ll have to send snapshots using your regular method.