If you’re new to Top Producer CRM, you just need to set a couple of things in order to use it on your mobile device. (If you’re an existing user, you can just log in.)

On your mobile device:

  1. Go to m.tpcrm.com > enter your credentials.
  2. You’ll see this screen. Complete the 3 quick settings > tap Continue and that’s it!


Now would be a good time to add a shortcut to Top Producer CRM on your home screen. For the steps, see Adding a Top Producer Mobile Icon to Your Home Screen.

We’ve only mentioned the settings you need to set in order to use Top Producer CRM. There’s plenty more you can do. Here are a few links if you’re interested, but just a heads up that you’ll complete this stuff on your desktop:

If you don’t like the password we gave you, change it!

Add your branding info.
Import your contacts.
Funnel your leads into Top Producer CRM.

Login to Top Producer Mobile.