Top Producer Mobile FAQ

What is Top Producer Mobile?

Top Producer Mobile lets you access your Top Producer CRM data wherever you go. Your full Top Producer CRM contact list is available, including the ability to search for contacts and add/edit their information. You can also view your property list, and manage your Sales Pipeline and task listto ensure you stay on top of what needs to get done.

Since you are accessing your Top Producer CRM desktop data, the accuracy, integrity and security of your data is guaranteed. Also, there is no need to synchronize your data. Any information you enter in Top Producer Mobile is immediately available in Top Producer CRM desktop and vice versa.

What do I need to use Top Producer Mobile?

You need a Top Producer subscription and a web-enabled touchscreen mobile device. See System Requirements for details.

What are the system requirements for Top Producer Mobile?

You can access Top Producer Mobile with an iPhone (iOS 4.3.1 and above), an Android device (OS 2.2 and above), and a Blackberry Torch (OS 6 and above). Contact your mobile carrier if you are not sure which operating system you are using.

How do I log in?

Simply log in at on your mobile device to access Top Producer Mobile.

Can I use the same username and password that I use to sign in to Top Producer on my desktop?

Yes, use the same username and password to sign in to both Top Producer Mobile and Top Producer CRM desktop.

I can't log in or access one of the program features. What should I do?

This could be caused by a connection issue that occurred during the download process. Try refreshing the page:

  • iPhone: Scroll up to the address bar and then tap the Refresh iphone-refresh-icon icon.
  • BlackBerry: Press Menu blackberry-menu-icon > Refresh.
  • Android: Scroll up to the address bar and then tap the Refresh android-refresh-iconicon.

If that doesn’t work, clear your browser cache:

  • iPhone: Close any open pages in your browser. From the iPhone Home screen, tap Settings > Safari > Clear Cache.
  • BlackBerry: From the Home screen, tap All > Browser > press the Menublackberry-menu-icon button > Options. Ensure Cache is selected in the Clear Browsing Data section > tap Clear Now.
  • Android: Close any open pages in your browser. From the Android Home screen, go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Tap the All tab > Browser or Internet > Clear Cache.

If the problem persists, contact Customer Care via email at or phone at 1-800 830 8300.

I'm new to Top Producer CRM and have not set up the program on my desktop or my mobile device. Do I need to set anything up before using Top Producer CRM on my mobile device?

Just go to on your mobile device, enter a few quick settings and that’s it! See Setup for New Top Producer Users for additional details.

Will data charges apply when I'm using Top Producer Mobile?

Top Producer Mobile is an internet-based application and will use the internet connection found on your mobile device. If you are uncertain about the internet or data charges that apply to your mobile device, please contact your wireless carrier.

I have one of your previous Top Producer Smartphone Apps. How is this different?

Top Producer Mobile accesses your Top Producer CRM data in real time through your device’s Internet connection, rather than downloading a copy of your data and installing it on the device. As such, it requires no synchronization and no installation of software.

Can I use my device's swiping functionality in Top Producer Mobile?

Yes, in the Contacts, Sales Pipeline, My Business, Notes and Properties lists, swipe the contact’s name, activity description, note or property address to perform various functions. For example, swipe a contact’s name to quickly add an activity or note. For more information, see Navigation Tips.

Can my assistant log in to Top Producer Mobile?

If your assistant has access to a Top Producer CRM username and password, they can log in to Top Producer Mobile.

Can I be logged in to Top Producer Mobile at the same time that I use Top Producer on my computer?

Yes, you can be logged in to Top Producer Mobile and Top Producer CRM desktop at the same time.

Do I need to sync my data?

No, Top Producer Mobile accesses your Top Producer CRM data in real time. No syncing is required.

How do I install Top Producer Mobile?

Installation is not required. Just log in from any web-enabled touchscreen mobile device and you can start working in your Top Producer CRM database.

How do I import my data from Top Producer?

All of your Top Producer CRM data is present the first time you log in. No data import is necessary to begin using Top Producer Mobile.

What features are not included in Top Producer Mobile?

None of the templates (letters, postcards, flyers, presentations, etc) contained in Top Producer Desktop will be accessible in Top Producer Mobile.

Can I send email from within Top Producer Mobile?

Yes, you can send an email from many areas in Top Producer Mobile by tapping the Email email-icon icon.

Can I send a text message to my contacts from within Top Producer Mobile?

Yes, tap the SMS sms-icon icon in a Contact Record to send a text message to a contact.

Can I make an icon for Top Producer Mobile on my device like I do with other apps?

Yes, for most devices, all you need to do is bookmark the Top Producer Mobile login page, and then add that bookmark to your device’s desktop or home screen.

When you are logged in to Top Producer Mobile, follow these steps:

iPhone: Tap the Go Toiphone-go-to-icon icon > Add to Home Screen.

BlackBerry: Press Menu blackberry-menu-icon > Add to Home Screen.

Android: Go to Menu > Bookmarks > Add. Long press the Top Producer Mobile bookmark, and select Add shortcut to Home.

What is the Sales Pipeline?

The Sales Pipeline is an intelligent coaching feature that guides you through the steps needed to convert new leads into lifetime customers. For more information, see About Following Up and Developing New Leads.

I have some great ideas on how to improve Top Producer Mobile. How can I provide program suggestions and/or feedback?

We appreciate and value your suggestions and comments, so we have provided you multiple ways to provide feedback:

  • Tap the Send Feedback link available on every page in Top Producer Mobile.
  • Provide feedback on our Facebook page.
  • Fill in our Contact Us form.

I need some help using Top Producer Mobile. Who can I contact?

Where can I view new leads and how long will leads appear on this list?

New leads appear on the New tab in the Sales Pipeline area (accessed by tapping Sales Pipeline on the Home page). Leads appear on the New tab until you change their status to reflect where they are in the lead lifecycle.

Log in to Top Producer Mobile.

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