How do I display only favorite contacts?

From the Contacts list, tap A-Z and then tap the Favorites favorite-icon icon.

How do I mark a contact as a favorite?
  1. From the Contacts list, tap the contact you want to mark as a favorite.
  2. From the Contact Record, tap the Favorites favorite-icon icon.

When searching for contacts, can I combine criteria (for example, search for favorite contacts that are assigned a specific contact type)?

No, you can only search by one criteria at a time (i.e. contact type, favorite contacts or name).

When searching by contact type, instead of scrolling through the list of types, is there a quick way to enter the contact type I want to search for?

Yes, from the Contacts list, tap Type All Types > enter the contact type(s) in the available field on the Select Types page.


Will leads received from lead providers appear in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

Yes, since you are accessing your Top Producer CRM data, leads received from lead providers and those entered in Top Producer CRM will appear in Top Producer CRM Mobile. Leads appear in the Sales Pipeline area separated from your regular contacts, where you can quickly follow up and begin the incubation process.

Should I view and manage leads from the Contacts list or the Sales Pipeline area?

While leads can be viewed and edited from the Contacts list, it is advisable to view and follow up on leads from the Sales Pipeline area (accessed by tapping Sales Pipeline from the Home page). From here, you will be provided with all the details you need to make the first touchpoint successful, and be guided through the process of qualifying and incubating a lead. See About Following Up and Incubating Leads for more information.

What are contact statuses and how are they assigned to contacts?

There are six statuses you can use to identify where your sales opportunities are in their lifecycle (see Tracking the Lead Lifecycle Using Statuses). Using these statuses you will know exactly what stage a contact is in, enabling you to easily address the unique needs of each stage. 

With the exception of the New status, which is automatically assigned to new leads you enter and those you receive from your lead providers, you decide when to move a lead or contact to the next stage.

Does the date on the Contact Details tab in the Contact Record represent the last time I performed an action for the contact?

Yes, the date represents the last action you performed for a contact. Actions include when you:

In the example below, a note was the last action performed.


What is the Take Action button for on the Contact Record?

The Take Action button just provides quick access to the different ways you could reach out to a contact. Tap to call, send a text message, email or send a Market Snapshot.


If you send an email, you have the option of writing your own or sending one of our quick email templates. And after you do any of these, you will be prompted to wrap it up and schedule the next touchpoint!

How do I view activities related to a contact?

You can view and manage all activities associated with a contact from the Activities tab (activity-tab-contact-record) in the Contact Record. From here you can apply plans, record completed activities, and add, prioritize and delete activities.

Can I apply an action plan to a contact in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

Yes, you can apply plans from the Activities activity-tab-contact-record tab in the Contact Record.


You can also apply plans to new leads from the Sales Pipeline. For more information on applying plans, see Applying an Action Plan to a Contact.

Can I view/add a contact's family and friends in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

You can view a contact’s associates from the Family & Friends tab (family-friends-tab-contact-record) in the Contact Record. However, associates must be added/deleted in Top Producer CRM.

Can I view a contact's properties in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

Any properties associated with the contact appear in the Properties tab (properties-tab-contact-record) in the Contact Record. If a listing or closing exists for a property, an indicator appears.


  1. Indicates the contact’s primary property. Tap the property to view additional details, including features and tax information.
  2. Indicates a closing exists for the property. Tap the property to view the Closing Record.
  3. Indicates a listed property. Tap the property to view the Listing Record.

Can I edit a contact's property information in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

You can modify the address of a contact’s primary property while editing a contact. However, any other changes must be made in Top Producer CRM.

Can I add a contact's picture in Top Producer CRM Mobile?

Yes, from the contact’s record, just tap the photo area and select where you want to upload a picture from.


How do I delete a contact's phone number?

For now, you have to delete the number while editing a contact.

  1. From the Contacts list, tap the contact you want to edit.
  2. From the Contact Record, tap the Edit edit-icon icon.
  3. Tap the phone number you want to remove to display the keypad.
  4. Manually remove the phone number using the keypad’s backspace key.

Will deleting a contact in Top Producer CRM Mobile also remove the record from Top Producer CRM?

Yes, just like other changes you make in Top Producer CRM Mobile, deleting a contact automatically removes the record from Top Producer CRM.