Market Snapshot includes access to the Quick Snapshot App at no extra cost. Quick Snapshot gives you a lightweight, easy-to-use website to set up potential new clients with a Market Snapshot from any internet-connected device, including smartphones or tablets.

To get started, go to:

How to send a Market Snapshot using the Quick Snapshot App:

  1. Go to and log in with your Market Snapshot username and password.


  2. Next, choose if you would like to create a snapshot for a new lead, or for a contact that already exists in your Google Account (if you have one).


    Note: If you choose the Google option, you’ll be asked to grant permissions to the app to access your Google Contacts. Once you accept, you can click one of your Google Contacts and their information will be used in the next step.

  3. Enter the name, address, and contact details for the lead (which, if you choose a Google Contact will already be provided), and then choose the type of report and property criteria (Property Type, Bedrooms, etc).


  4. Click Submit Lead to enter the contact into Market Snapshot and start sending them regular Snapshot reports.

That’s all there is to it! As you can see, this is just a simplified version of what you can do from within the Market Snapshot Control Panel. You can use this while on the go, at open houses, or any other time you want to quickly sign someone up for a Market Snapshot!