The Quick Lead app provides a simple way to add a new lead to your Top Producer database. Simply go to on your mobile device or desktop computer to get started!


Add the Quick Lead App to your Mobile Device Home Screen!

Adding the Quick Lead app to your device’s home screen makes it easy to access the app while on-the-go! After you open on your mobile device, follow the instructions below for your device type:

iPhone – Tap the Go To iPhone Go To Icon icon > Add to Home Screen.

BlackBerry – Press Menu  Blackberry Menu Icon > Add to Home Screen.

AndroidAndroid: Go to Menu > Add to Home Screen.

Adding a New Lead with the Quick Lead App

  1. Open your device’s Internet Browser and go to
  2. On the Sign in page, enter your Top Producer username (password is not required), and tap Sign In.

    QuickLead Sign In

    Note: You must enter the Top Producer username belonging to an Agent account. Assistant usernames cannot be used.

  3. Enter the Lead Information into the fields provided, select what type of lead they are (Buyer, Seller, Buyer and Seller), then tap Submit.


  4. The lead will be submitted to Top Producer. If you’d like to add another lead, tap Next Lead.

    QuickLead Submitted

  5. The lead will be automatically sent to your Top Producer account and will appear as a contact with a status of New in your database, with a Source of QuickLead and a Sub Source of Quick Form.


Quick Lead Widget for Websites

Optionally, you can create a Quick Lead widget to place on your website. The widget provides a simple form that consumers can use to request more information, which automatically sends their contact information to your Top Producer account as a new lead. It can be placed into your website as a standalone iFrame, which fits easily into a sidebar, box, or standalone page on your site. To create a widget:

  1. On a desktop computer, go to
  2. On the Sign in page, enter your Top Producer username (password is not required), and tap Sign In.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the Create Widget button.


  4. Select the options that best suit your needs and your website and then click the Generate button. If you’d like to see what the widget will look like, click the Preview button.


  5. Copy the code displayed in the Widget Code box, and paste it into the appropriate HTML code location of your website. If you’re not sure how to add the code to your website, paste the code into a text file, save the file, and provide it to your website administrator.

Automatically Applying Action Plans to New Leads

You may want to configure Top Producer to automatically apply an action plan to every new lead you add using the Quick Lead app. That way you can be sure every new lead will be scheduled regular follow-up activities.

For more information, read the Auto Apply Plan Rules article, or watch the Auto Apply Plan Rules Video Tutorial. Just remember that the Source of new leads entered in the Quick Lead app will be QuickLead and the Sub Source is Quick Form.

Login to the Quick Lead app.