Important Information about Email Fraud

Dear TOP PRODUCER® Customer,

Please be advised that there is an increase in illegitimate “spoof” emails that may appear in your inbox claiming to be sent by TOP PRODUCER. These emails may ask you to respond with personal information, or verify information such as your account password or credit card number, or ask you to open a file attachment, or contact some other party by phone or email to provide them with personal information.

These deceptive emails are called “spoof emails” because they fake the appearance of originating from TOP PRODUCER in an attempt to commit identity theft, or other harm. Most recently, new email “spoof” email messages request that you telephone a service in order to receive a free Top Producer lead generation system.

TOP PRODUCER has not sent and will not send email messages to customers requesting confidential information. Please do not open attachments in such email, or act on any such emails as you may compromise your personal information by following links to counterfeit Internet site(s).

At TOP PRODUCER our policy is to recommend that you DO NOT respond to any email requesting sensitive information or enter sensitive information such as an account password or credit card number. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a TOP PRODUCER email, please verify the request by contacting us at 1-800-830-8300.

Thank you.

Top Producer Customer Care

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