Market Snapshot Update Release

Chances are you’ve been asked these questions once or twice (or 3000x) before:

  • How’s the market?
  • Should I wait to sell my house?
  • Is it a good time to buy?

It’s understandable—for most, their home is their largest investment. Sadly though, consumers are getting incorrect answers via inaccurate market statistics, when what they really need are simple, easy-to-understand insights.

We’re happy to report, here they are—new Market Snapshot trends that tell the precise (and accurate) story of what’s going on in the market:

market snapshot statistics

The eye-catching and simplistic view of the new statistics will entice consumers to click through and learn more about the market. Even if they don’t though, with the additional context we’ve added to the statistics, they’ll at least have an idea of what’s going on in the market.

And since it’s so important to have your messaging consistent, these changes appear across the board regardless of what device they’re using. Here’s what it looks like on mobile:

stats mobile

What happened to the map?

The map is still there—we’ve just changed the view that consumers will see first. Now when they open their report, sellers will see their very own property pinpointed on the satellite view, while buyers will see a satellite view of the area they’re interested in.

And don’t worry—the map view is just a click away (via the Map pin in the top right).

map view resized

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