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We released an update recently that you’ll want to know about if you send email from within Top Producer CRM.

A little history first though-back in May, 2014, AOL & Yahoo implemented tougher security policies in an effort to combat spam. This caused us to make changes-that only affected AOL & Yahoo users-to make sure the email they sent from within Top Producer CRM would, in fact, be received. Phew.

Well now it seems that other email providers are following suit, including Gmail. And since we highly suspect that all email providers will be implementing these policies in the future, we’ve made the required changes across the board.

So what does this mean to you?

First, no matter what email service provider you’re using, and no matter which method they’re using to combat spam, email you send from within Top Producer CRM will be received. Yay!

Second, it means that your From email address will now include “via Top Producer” (see the example below). Prior to this update, unless you used an AOL or Yahoo account, the From field would just display your email address.


While you may not be crazy about this second part, we want you to know 2 things:

  1. If your client replies to the email, it’’’ll be sent to your proper account. It’s only what appears in the From field that has changed.
  2. Trust us that it was a necessary change in order to keep up with the evolving methods that providers are using to combat spam.

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