Certified Trainer FAQ

Have some questions about the Certified Trainer Designation? Take a look at the FAQ answers below.

What is the difference between a Certified Professional and a Certified Trainer?

Certified Professional indicates proficiency in the day-to-day use of Top Producer products. Certified Trainer indicates proficiency for the effective training of real estate agents and other Top Producer application users in the day-to-day use of Top Producer.

Do I get free products?

Certified Trainers and Certified Consultants recive Partner Program Versions of product. These products are only for demonstration and training purposes and are not intended for personal use.

Will someone teach me how to use Top Producer Products?

The purpose of certification is to give recognition through endorsement to people who are already proficient in using Top Producer products. If you are looking for information about how to better use our products, please look through the Product Support section of Top Producer Campus, and consider attending our Online Training Classes.

Will someone show me how instruct people to use Top Producer Products?

The purpose of certification is to give recognition through endorsement to people who are already proficient in training, however we can give helpful suggestions and tips.

What is the refund policy?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all certification fees, however, this becomes void as soon as the certification exam has been taken.

What is the cost to Re-Certify?

Certified Trainers must re-certify annually for a fee of $49.

Why do I have to Re-Certify each year?

Re-certification is a standard practice throughout the industry. Top Producer products are continually evolving - adding and enhancing features. Re-certification ensures that anyone previously certified is still proficient and up-to-date with the current version.

When I Re-Certify, do I have to take the exam again?

Yes. As our products are continually updated, the exam is also updated to reflect the changes - ensuring the relevance and integrity of the Partner Program.

There used to be a Certified Instructor designation. How are Certified Trainers different?

The Certified Instructor designation was discontinued several years ago, as it only pertained to older versions of Top Producer products - such as 6i and 7i. The newer designation of Certified Trainer indicates proficiency with our current product line.

How do I get listed as a Certified Trainer on your Find an Expert page?

Once you become a Certified Trainer, we will provide you with steps to submit your photo and some text describing yourself and your services. We will post the information for you.

How can I opt-out (be removed) from the Find an Expert page?

Please contact us at Certification@topproducer.com and request removal.

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