If you subscribe to both Market Snapshot and Top Producer and have integrated them, you can view a contact’s Market Snapshot events inside Top Producer:

  • How many Market Snapshots were sent and when.
  • If and when the contact viewed the Market Snapshot.
  • If the Market Snapshot generation succeeded.
  • A complete log of all other Market Snapshot events.

To view this information, open the Lead or Contact record of the person for which you’d like to view Market Snapshot events.

The Notifications Tab

All subsequent Market Snapshot events are logged within the Notifications tab. The previous events are still available to be viewed from within the Notes section on The Summary Tab.


The Notifications Tab displays a list of all Market Snapshot events generated for this Contact. For instance, every time a new Snapshot is sent a new notification appears in the list. If a consumer views their Snapshot, another notification appears in the list. You can use this information to quickly keep track of current Snapshot activity, as well as the past activity for this Contact. Also, when a new Snapshot is sent the notification will contain a link to their Snapshot so you can quickly view the information they were sent.

Market Snapshot Summary

On the Summary tab of the record is the Market Snapshot Summary section, which shows an overview of Snapshot activity and provides links to view more information and create a new Snapshot.

Market Snapshot Summary

The Status is calculated automatically based on the last Market Snapshot event to occur for this record. Active means that they are receiving Snapshots normally. Inactive means there may be an issue preventing Snapshots from being generated. If the Status is Active, the frequency that the Snapshot is sent is displayed to the right.

Market Snapshot Event Description Status Generated
Shapshot Requested A Snapshot has been requested for this contact. Neutral
Snapshot Sent A Snapshot has been sent to this contact. Active
Snapshot Failed Generation of the Snapshot has failed. Inactive
Snapshot Viewed The recipient has viewed the Snapshot. Active
Snapshot Unsubscribed The consumer has unsubscribed from the Snapshot service. Inactive
Snapshot Rescheduled The Snapshot has been rescheduled/restarted. Active
Update Frequency Changed by Consumer The consumer has changed the frequency at which they receive Snapshots. Active
Snapshot Expired The Snapshot has expired (was not viewed) Inactive
Snapshot Stopped by Agent The Agent manually stopped the Snapshot for this contact. Inactive
Consumer Registered for a Community/School Report The consumer registered for a Community and School Report. Neutral
Snapshot Update Frequency changed by Agent The Agent changed the frequency at which the consumer receives Snapshot updates. Active

*Please note that Neutral indicates this event will not affect the status for this contact.

Below the Status is the number of Snapshots sent and viewed. It also displays the date the last Snapshot was sent. View Snapshot will open the last sent Snapshot, View Details opens the Snapshot Details screen (also available in the Market Snapshot Control Panel), and Create New Snapshot opens a form where you can quickly generate a new Snapshot report for this contact.