On August 20, 2012, we made improvements to the emails sent to recipients of Market Snapshot reports. The new reports have an improved look and layout, and include a small sample of up-to-date market information. The updated emails are designed to entice the recipient to access the full report. As before, you can customize the text that is included within the emails.

If you customized the text in the Market Snapshot emails prior to the August 20, 2012 update, your Market Snapshot account will still be using the outdated emails. To take advantage of the new email templates, we recommend you perform the below steps to reset your customized templates.

To access the new email templates:

  1. In the Market Snapshot Control Panel, go to the Setup menu and select Market Snapshot Email Text Customization.
  2. Use the Email type selection menu to choose the email template you’d like to update or edit.
  3. If you customized the email template prior to the template update, a notice appears indicating the email is outdated.

    Market Snapshot Email Template Reset Message

    If you would like to reuse some or all of the customized text, highlight the text and copy it.

  4. Click the Reset button.
  5. At the bottom of the email preview box, click the Customize button.
  6. In the Customize Email window, edit the text as desired and/or paste the text previously copied.
  7. When finished making your changes, click Save. The updated template with customized text will now be used for all emails sent of this type.
  8. Repeat the process for any other email templates previously customized.