Market Snapshot Status Report

The Market Snapshot Status Report is your central hub for managing all of your Market Snapshots. From here you can see every Market Snapshot ever requested, sent, viewed, or failed. The Status Report can be access through the Market Snapshot menu by clicking Market Snapshot Status Report. It is a good idea to visit this section regularly to stay up to date with the progress of your marketing.

Top Marketer Market Snapshot Status Report

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Each entry in the list shows only the most important information, such as the lead name, type, email address, creation and update dates, the number of times it has been viewed, and the status.

Status   Meaning
Sent   The Market Snapshot has been sent but not viewed yet
Viewed   The Market Snapshot has been viewed at least once
Failed   Failure can be caused by various issues. See Failure Message for further detail
Expired   After three months all Market Snapshot reports are purged from the system
Cancelled   The Market Snapshot was stopped either by the consumer, the agent or the cold prospect feature

Also, if a Market Snapshot has failed you will see a Failure Message indicating the reason. There are several options available to the right of each entry. For example, if you would like to see more information about a particular lead, click View Details Top   Marketer Market Snapshot Status Report. If you would like to view the actual Market Snapshot that your lead received, click View MS Top Marketer Market Snapshot   Status Report.

Tip: When making personal contact with a lead that has viewed their Market Snapshot, you’ll find it useful to view their Market Snapshot ahead of time. That way, you can discuss specific information contained in their report. When on the phone, you can even go through it together and talk about the local market!

As time goes by, this section will contain a large amount of information. To make things easy, there are options to filter the list by MS Status, Type, or by Name. By default, the Status Report will only show Market Snapshots created or updated within the last month. This can be changed by using the Start Date and End Date fields to select your preferred date range. Using these filter options will let you quickly see exactly what you need, and hide the rest!

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