The Inquiry Report is designed to let you manage all of your Top Marketer leads. It contains a list of all leads along with the most important lead information. The Top Marketer Inquiry Report section is available within the Inquiries menu by clicking Inquiry Report.


You will see the lead name, type, email address, phone number (if captured), the date the lead was received, and the sources. It also shows how many separately created Market Snapshots that lead has received. Remember, you can create additional Market Snapshots using Create MSTop Marketer Inquiry Report. You can always display more information about a lead by clicking View DetailsTop Marketer Inquiry Report.

As time goes by your list will get quite large. To make it easy to find what you are looking for, there are options to only display leads within a specified date range, or from a particular Inquiry Source or Agent Source. You can also search by Name or Email Address. Using these options will let you quickly see exactly what you need, and hide the rest.

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