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The Web Form Code provides consumers with access to the Market Snapshot Widget, which can be filled out online to request a Snapshot. The code is contained within an iframe and is designed to be inserted into the side column of a website page.

Watch the Video:

  1. Log in to Top Marketer and select Inquiry Capture Setup from the Setup Menu.


  2. In the Select Inquiry Type menu, select Lead Inquiry Capture Setup to create a Market Snapshot Inquiry Form, then choose your desired settings for the Inquiry Form and click Update.

    Inquiry Capture Setup Options

    For more information about the options within Inquiry Capture Setup, see Inquiry Capture Setup.

  3. To generate the Web Form Code, click the Get Web Form button.


  4. Highlight the entire code and then copy it by right-clicking and choosing Copy or pressing CTRL-C on your keyboard.


  5. Paste the code in the location you would like to use it in your website by right-clicking and choosing Paste or pressing CTRL-V on your keyboard.

It is recommended that before you use the code, you paste it into a basic Text Editor program like Notepad, and save the file to your computer.

Paste the code into Notepad

A local copy provides quick access to the code the next time it is needed. Be sure to use Notepad instead of an advanced Word Processor program. Notepad will not insert any special formatting that could cause issues when using the code online.