Top Marketer has the ability to receive leads via email from® through the following® lead capture services: Featured Websites, Featured Agent Community, and Featured CMA.

The Email Inquiry Status Report, available in the Top Marketer Inquiries menu, lets you view the leads you have received through these emails.

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Email Inquiry Status Report

The Email Inquiry Status Report shows the source of the lead, the date it was received, and the status of their Market Snapshot.

Use the Start Date, End Date, Email Inquiry Source, and Status options to display only the Email Inquiries that match your criteria.

Email Inquiry Status Report

To view the lead details, click the View Details icon Email Inquiry Status Report to the right of the lead. To view the Market Snapshot generated for the lead, click the View MS icon Email Inquiry Status Report.

Configuring Email Inquiry Setup

To receive leads from® via email, you must subscribe to (and configure) the associated® service, as well as configure Top Marketer to receive the leads. Configuring the feature in Top Marketer is done using the Email Inquiry Setup option, available in the Top Marketer Setup menu.