The second step of the Setup Wizard enables you to enter your MLS credentials, which are required in order to send snapshot reports. The MLS(s) you specified you have access to when you subscribed to Top Marketer appear in this list.

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To set your MLS credentials:

  1. If you have more than one MLS in your list, select the Make Default check box for the MLS you want to use as your default. The default will automatically be selected each time you generate a snapshot report, but you always have the option to select another MLS.
  2. Enter your MLS credentials. The credentials you specify will be verified for accuracy.
  3. If there are issues with the verification process, check the following:

    • Password capitalization: If you’ve entered your MLS password as you normally do when you access your MLS and the verification was unsuccessful, try entering the password in upper case letters.
    • Additional credentials: If your MLS requires you to enter more than a username and password when you log in (for example, a security key or token), do not enter this information in Top Marketer.

    If you’ve tried the above and the verification is still unsuccessful, your MLS may require that a special request be submitted to allow Top Marketer to access your MLS database. For help with this, contact Top Producer Customer Care at 1-800-830-8300.