Market Snapshot Social Media Icon Links

The Agent Profile page allows you to add icon links to your fbminiicon Facebook Page, twitterminiicon Twitter Page, and inledinminiicon LinkedIn Page. This will give clients direct access to your social media pages. These icon links will appear as part of your branding in all Snapshot emails and in the Snapshot report itself.

Market Snapshot Branding

Social Media Icon Link Setup

  1. Hover over the Setup menu and click Agent Profile.


  2. In the Edit Your Market Snapshot Branding area, click the Edit button in the Social Media Links section.


  3. In the Edit Email and Web popup, click Add Website and/or Social Media links.

    Edit Email and Web

  4. In each of the fields for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enter the appropriate website address (URL) for that social media page.

    Edit Email and Web - Social Media

  5. Click Save. The branding preview will update to include the social media icons. Only the icons for the sites in which a URL was entered will appear.
  6. When finished, click the Close button at the bottom of the page.

Log in to manage social media links.

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