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Market Snapshot allows the creation of an Inquiry Capture Form that can be included in external sources like websites and email links. When a consumer fills out the form with their information, they will automatically become a lead in your Top Marketer database and a Market Snapshot will be created for them. You can even create multiple forms with different settings to be used in different locations!

Example Inquiry Form and Widget

Examples of the two Market Snapshot Inquiry Capture Forms generated from the Get Text Link and Get Web Form code, respectively.

Market Snapshot Lead Inquiry Capture Setup

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You can access the Inquiry Capture Setup page by going to the Setup Menu and selecting Inquiry Capture Setup. Setting up Inquiry Capture is a key step in configuring Market Snapshot to capture online leads. It is very important you review this section and make the changes that best suit your personal requirements.

inquiry capture setup options

Inquiry Capture Setup

There are several options available that will determine the look of the inquiry form and the text that appears:

  • Select Inquiry Type: Choose creating a Market Snapshot Inquiry Form (using the Lead Inquiry Capture Setup option).
  • Heading and Sub-Heading: Contain the text that displays at the top of the form.
  • Agent Inquiry Source: When a consumer fills out the form and is added to your lead database, a source is included in their lead information. This helps you keep track of where your leads originate. In the Agent Inquiry Source field, enter a source that will clearly identify where a lead came from. For example, if placing the form on your website the source could be “”. If adding a link to the form within your email signature, the source could be “Email Signature”. If you do not enter a source you will still receive the lead, but it will not be given an Agent Source.
  • Optional Fields: Allow you to select the display options for the Phone field. You can choose to make it hidden, optional (the consumer doesn’t have to enter any information), or required (the consumer must enter information). There is also the option to ask if the consumer is working with another agent, which is enabled by default. When enabled, and the consumer indicates they are working with another agent, the form will not allow them to request a Market Snapshot. This feature allows you to adhere to your local marketing regulations.

Form Appearance

This section allows you to control the style and color theme of the forms. Use the Form Style to choose Curved Design, Box Design, or Top Producer Websites (for use with a Top Producer Websites subscription only). The Curved Design has rounded edges while the Box design has straight edges. For consistency, it is recommended that you use the same Color Theme that you chose in the Market Snapshot Setup step, or the theme that best compliments your website colors.

If you’d like to see what the forms will look like, click the Preview Form button. If you’ve made changes, click the Update button.

Web Form & Link Code

This section that will generate the code you will place externally to give consumers access to the Inquiry Capture forms. Get Web Form and Get Text Link provide variations of the code for different purposes. These options have been designed so that you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of web programming to make use of the forms.

  • Get Web Form: Use this code to insert the Web Form (Widget) into your website. The widget is the form visible on the right side of the Preview Form window. Its dimensions are perfect for inserting into a side column of a website, and it is contained within an iframe so that you don’t need to change other code on your website. If you are not sure how to insert an iframe on your website, copy the code and provide it to your website administrator. 
  • Get Text Link: This is the easiest to use and gives access to the full form. It is really just a website address (URL) like any other website. You can copy this code and paste it in to an email, or in any other online site. Most email programs and online editors allow you to create a hyperlink for a URL, so you can “mask” the address with something more enticing like “Click Here to Receive a FREE Market Report”.

Updating your Inquiry Capture Settings

There is a very important point you should remember when updating your Inquiry Capture settings: The settings you choose are embedded within the Web Form & Text Link Code that is generated for you.

If you choose settings for your form and use the code externally, then make changes to the settings, the external location will still be using the old code and will not update automatically. You must include the new code in the external location for the changes to appear.

Using Multiple Inquiry Capture Forms

Since the Inquiry Capture settings are embedded within the form and link code, you can create multiple forms with different settings to be placed in different locations. You can create customized forms for each of your websites, a different form for your email signature, and another for posting to online forums and social sites.

One of the best reasons to generate multiple forms is that the Agent Inquiry Source can be changed for each form you create. For instance, you might want to create one form with a source called “Team Website”, another with “Email Signature”, and another with “Social Website”, and place each code in the appropriate location. By changing the source of each form, you can easily identify where each of your leads came from.

To create multiple forms just choose your settings, click the Get Web Form or Get Text Link to generate the code, and add it to the external location. Then repeat the process with different settings to get different code.