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The Area Management section allows you to specify which Zip Codes (or Postal Codes) you serve, and organize them into areas. An area is simply a group of Zip/Postal Codes. Areas are used for several purposes:

  • There are multiple websites created by Top Producer, realtor.com® and affiliated sites, that occasionally receive consumer inquiries not associated with a specific REALTOR® or Top Producer account. By adding Zip/Postal codes in the Area Management section, you indicate to Market Snapshot you serve those areas and open the possibility of receiving these complimentary leads.
  • If you belong to more than one MLS, Area Management also allows Market Snapshot to determine which of your MLS’s should be used to retrieve the data for a specified Zip/Postal Code.
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Area Management

Accessing Area Management:

Hover your mouse on the Setup icon on the main menu bar and select Area Management. 


Entering Zip/Postal Codes

Market Snapshot will automatically add the Zip/Postal code that was entered on the Agent Profile page and assign it to the group named Area 1. You will want to enter all of the other Zip/Postal codes that you serve, grouping them appropriately. To add Zip/Postal Codes, you can edit an existing area or create a new area.

To edit an existing group, such as Area 1, simply click the area name. To add a new area, click Add Area at the bottom of the list. Both methods will display the same options.

Edit Area

Within Edit Area, you can create or change the Area Name.

In the Zip/Postal field, enter the Zip or Postal Code you would like to include in this area. There are two ways to type a Zip:

  • Type the entire Zip code into the field.
  • Type the first three or four numbers of the Zip (or the first two or more characters of a Postal Code), and then use a wild-card. For example typing “90263” includes that one zip, but typing “9026*” (the asterisk is the wild-card symbol) includes all zips starting with 9026. Using a wild-card means you can add multiple zips in one easy step!

For each Zip/Postal code entered, select the correct MLS from the drop down on the right. Or, select No MLS – receive inquiries only. Choosing this option instead of your MLS means you will receive complimentary leads from that area, but any inquiries received through a landing page for that Zip/Postal Code will not generate or send a Snapshot. Regardless of which you choose, you will still receive the captured lead information.

Important: You should never set Zip/Postal codes that are part of your MLS as No MLS. If you do, all inquiries for that area will not receive a Market Snapshot.

Be careful when using wild-cards to input your areas when you have multiple MLS’s. If you use a wild-card, for example 9026*, and assign it to an MLS, Market Snapshot will attempt to use that MLS for all inquiries beginning with 9026. If one of those areas, for example 90265, is served by another MLS, the Market Snapshot will fail for that area. You can always add a second entry specifically for 90265 and set it to the use the correct MLS. When Market Snapshot scans the list of Zip/Postal codes to determine which MLS to use, it always uses the most specific entry first. In this example, 90265 is more specific than 9026*. When in doubt, enter each area on a separate line instead of using a wild-card.

To add another Zip/Postal Code, click Add Another Zip/Postal. Another field will appear where you can enter the next Zip/Postal Code. If you want to remove a Zip/Postal entry from the list, remove the Zip/Postal code from the field and click Save.

When you have finished entering all of your information, click Save.

Tip: If you receive an inquiry for a Zip/Postal Code not specified in in Area Management, your Default MLS (specified in MLS Setup) will be used to attempt to generate the Snapshot.

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