Market Snapshot Settings

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The Market Snapshot Settings page lets you set your snapshot notification options, how many listings are needed before a snapshot is sent, and the listing alerts you want to send with your snapshots.

To access the Market Snapshot Settings page, go to Setup > Market Snapshot Settings.

market snapshot settings

The available options are:

  • Receive email notification of Market Snapshot Updates: If selected, you’ll receive snapshot update notifications (when they’re prepared, generated or delayed).
  • Minimum Listings Required: Select the minimum number of listings required in order to send a snapshot. Note that if you select Allow 0, it makes a possible for a snapshot to be sent even if comparable properties are not found (an empty report), while Require at least 1 will send snapshots if at least one property in the selected area was listed or sold in the last three months.
  • Send me a weekly summary: If selected, you’ll by emailed a report each week that gives details about the snapshots you’ve sent. For more information, please read Your Weekly Market Snapshot Report.
  • Show listing performance on Market Snapshot (if available): If selected, a Listing Popularity tab will display on snapshots when you are the listing agent for the inquiry property. This tab contains statistics on the listing’s popularity on sites it has been syndicated to via ListHub.
  • Tell me when a lead likes a property: If selected, this setting will send you an email notification when a lead “likes” a snapshot listing. The notification contains the address of the property, so you can follow-up with the lead immediately.
  • Tell me when a lead opens a Market Snapshot: If selected, this setting will send you an email notification when a lead opens a snapshot, up to 1 email per hour per lead. This is an ideal time to follow-up and start a conversation.
  • Listing Alert Settings: These settings will be used whenever you create a new snapshot. Select the alerts you want to send with your snapshots. You also have the option to compile all the listing alerts for the day into one email or have an individual email sent each time a new listing alert arrives.

Login to Market Snapshot to access your settings.

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