Email Inquiry Setup allows you to configure Market Snapshot to receive leads generated by three® lead capture services: Featured CMA, Featured Agent/Community, and Featured Websites. You must subscribe to the® product to receive these leads.

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To access these options, go to the Setup menu and select Email Inquiry Setup.

Email Inquiry Setup

In the pull-down menu under Email Source select either Featured Websites, Featured Agent Community, or Featured CMA. Click the ADD EMAIL link to the right.

Email Inquiry Setup - Featured Agent Community

Next, make note of the email address automatically created for you, displayed in the Received at Email column. You will need to enter this email address into the appropriate field in your® Dashboard or Featured Website Lead Form Page:

  • Featured CMA & Featured Agent/Community: Log into your® Control Panel, click Account Information in the left menu, and click Personal Info. Under the Email section, enter the email address generated by Email Inquiry Setup into the Featured CMA Email or Featured Community Email field, as appropriate.
  • Featured Website: Log into your Featured Website Control Panel, click Edit Site, then click Manage My Pages. Edit your existing Lead Form page. At the bottom, under Send Lead To, select Email and enter the email address generated by Email Inquiry Setup, then click OK.

    Important: Please note that if you are using Featured Websites and have already configured a Market Snapshot Lead Form page instead of the standard Lead Form page, it is not necessary to configure Email Inquiry Setup to receive leads from your website, as leads will already be sent by the form.

Repeat these steps for any other® products you own. When finished, click Update to save your changes.

Forwarding Lead Notification Emails

Leads from® are typically sent directly to an email address. The above configuration requires that the email address be one designated by the Email Inquiry Setup process, which means you will no longer receive the lead notification email at your previous email address. If you would still like to receive leads at another email address, place a check next to Auto-forward email inquiries and enter your desired email address in the Enter Email Address field.

Auto Forward Emal

Once a lead is received in Top Marketer from one of these sources, a lead notification email will also be sent to the address provided here.