Market Snapshot FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Market Snapshot. Click a link to learn more:

Will the Market Snapshot report display correctly no matter what device the client views it on (desktop, smartphone or tablet)?

Yes, Market Snapshot appears flawlessly and consistently on any device!

When consumers check out your report on their smartphone, they see this:


When they check it out on a medium-sized screen (tablet), they see this:

market snapshot statistics

And when they check it out on a larger screen (desktop/laptop), they’ll see this:


Where is the old Market Snapshot report? I noticed some changes with the new layout (new walkability ratings, school and community info is different, etc).

The previous Market Snapshot layout has been replaced with a new responsive layout, so no matter what screen size your clients are viewing, your report appears flawless and consistent. (See the previous FAQ for the report layout on different devices.)

In addition to the new layout, there are a few small changes to the community and school info. You now get a school rating, and the community info now includes walkability and amenities info you didn’t have before.


Is there a way to send out notifications when listings change in a consumer's area of interest?

Yes, listing alerts will do just that! If a consumer is receiving a Market Snapshot every 1-2 weeks, they’ll automatically receive alerts when listings in their area of interest change. The minute we find out about a new listing, a price change, or a sold listing, an alert is automatically sent on your behalf so they’ll hear about it from you! For details, see Listing Alerts.

Can consumers change their Market Snapshot and Listing Alert criteria on their own?

Yes! Whenever a consumer receives a Market Snapshot, they can change their snapshot criteria by clicking Change Report in the top right of the snapshot.

snapshot consumer settings

Similarly, when they’re viewing a Listing Alert, they can click the Settings link to change their criteria.


How can I tell my snapshot recipients that they can now change their snapshot/alert area themselves?

The best way is through email. You can export your snapshot recipients, and then copy their email addresses and paste them in your email program.

In the Market Snapshot Control Panel, just to go Market Snapshot > Market Snapshot Status Report. Click the export icon in the top right of the grid.


Then copy (CTRL + C) only the email address column when you view the export in a spreadsheet (see below). You should then be able to paste (CTRL + V) the addresses into your email program so you can let them know they have this option!


When I'm using the Advanced Search, why are some of the fields not enabled?

Only the fields that are searchable in your MLS are enabled. Note that if your MLS removed a field that was previously saved for a Market Snapshot or if it added a new required field, then the Market Snapshot will not be generated. You need to modify the search criteria to include (or exclude) the field before you can regenerate the Market Snapshot.

What if I don't want to send a Market Snapshot anymore?

Updates to the Market Snapshot are regularly scheduled every 2 weeks and the consumer can change the updates to be more or less frequent, or to not update at all.

To stop a Market Snapshot, in the Market Snapshot Status Report screen, click the Stop icon next to the lead. This will stop future snapshots from being sent.

After 3 months, instances of the Market Snapshots are purged from the system and can no longer be viewed by either the consumer or you. If a scheduled update has occurred, then the later versions can still be seen. Stopping Market Snapshots does not delete them. They will exist until the system purges them at 3 months.

If I belong to more than one MLS, which one will be used to generate the Market Snapshot?

If you belong to more than one MLS, you can specify which MLS should be used to generate a Market Snapshot for a specific area. In the Area Management screen, enter the areas (zip/postal codes) that you specialize in and assign the correct MLS to each of them. When a customer requests a Market Snapshot for a zip code, Market Snapshot searches for that zip code in the list and detects the MLS assigned to it. If this zip code is not on the list, Market Snapshot will use the default MLS as specified in the Market Snapshot Setup screen.

Is there a limit to how many Market Snapshots I can have running at any time?

No. Use as many as you want or need.

Can I see what the Market Snapshot looks like for my leads?

Every time Market Snapshot sends a Snapshot to one of your leads, you will also get an email with the link to the Snapshot so you can see exactly what each of your leads is seeing. You can also view the Market Snapshot from the Market Snapshot Status Report, and if you have Top Producer, from the Top Producer Contact or Lead Details screens.

This report looks big. Will people be upset by this huge email?

No, because they don’t get the report itself. They just get a link in an email that takes them to the report. There are no huge downloads to clog up someone’s inbox. Updates of the Snapshot will appear in the same location, so even later updates of the Snapshot will always use the same link.

Can I Print a Market Snapshot?

No. Market Snapshot is designed to be an interactive online report, with access to a multitude of data through different “tabs” on the page. It is not possible to generate a printed report that contains all of the information.

While it is sometimes possible to use your browser options to print the contents visible on the screen, it is not guaranteed the output will appear correctly. Using your browser to print a Snapshot is not supported, and as such, Top Producer Customer Care will not be able to assist in resolving any printing issues encountered.

Can anyone open the Market Snapshot email link?

No, it is kept on a private site for you and the consumer alone. The link sent in the email is unique for each consumer. Even the link you get to view the Market Snapshot is different from the consumer’s, so we can tell when you are looking at the Snapshot and when the consumer is. This means we can determine when the consumer viewed the Snapshot and display that information for you.

Can Team Members Create a Market Snapshot?

If you subscribe to both Market Snapshot and Top Producer with multiple Agent accounts, only the Responsible Agent account (main account owner) will be able to create a Market Snapshot. Team members will not have access to the Market Snapshot functions in Top Producer, nor be able to log into Market Snapshot from Top Producer.

If a team member is provided with the Responsible Agent’s username and password, they can log in to Top Producer and Market Snapshot and subsequently generate a Snapshot. However, the Snapshots will still contain the branding of the Responsible Agent.

Important: We do not recommend giving your username and password out at any time

How long do you keep Market Snapshots?

Market Snapshots are kept for three months. Even for scheduled updates to the Snapshot, only the last three months are available. If three months have passed without any updates, the Snapshot is removed and the consumer needs to contact you to get a new one.

If all my leads get Market Snapshots, will I have to make a HMR or CMA for them?

This depends. Market Snapshot is a quick response to the consumer about general market information to impress him or her with your response speed, level of knowledge, and access to the latest property information. The Market Snapshot gives the consumer an overview of their neighborhood, but they still need the expert analysis of a real estate professional to get an accurate idea of the value of their home if they are planning to sell. The best thing to do is to contact the lead and determine if an HMR or a CMA is required.

Why might a Market Snapshot not send?

A couple of things could go wrong. The consumer’s property may be so unique there are no similar properties anywhere in the area. The MLS board may be down for maintenance when the consumer enters his or her request. Any reason that stops Market Snapshot from getting enough property information in the consumer’s area will stop the Snapshot.

Even if there are problems generating the Market Snapshot, you will still receive the lead just as you normally do.

What if something goes wrong when Market Snapshot creates the report

An email will be sent to the consumer letting them know you are working on the report and that you will be contacting them soon with the information they requested. You will also get an email letting you know that the Market Snapshot could not be automatically sent.

How do I know if the consumer has looked at the Market Snapshot?

By default, you’ll receive an email alert when a consumer has viewed the Snapshot, so you can follow-up immediately.

In addition, the Market Snapshot Status Report will show the date and time the consumer last viewed the Snapshot and how many times they looked at this report. If you just want to see if they viewed it, you can also see it in the Lead History Report.

How do I change the Frequency of a Snapshot?

By default, a Market Snapshot will be sent at a frequency of every 2 weeks. It is not possible to adjust this default. The consumer may adjust the frequency when viewing the Snapshot.

If you would like to adjust the frequency of an individual Snapshot, log in to the Market Snapshot Control Panel, and in the Market Snapshot menu, select Market Snapshot Status Report. Locate the Snapshot to adjust and click the View MS icon Image - View MS Icon. When viewing the Snapshot, the next scheduled snapshot date is displayed at the bottom left.

Click the Change This button.

Change Schedule button

You may then adjust the frequency that a Snapshot is sent to this recipient.

Image - Schedule Snapshot

What are the benefits to having Market Snapshot turned on (Auto Send)?

When Auto Send MS is enabled, Market Snapshot is on all the time, even when you are sleeping. The consumer gets a timely response with information they can‘t get on any other public site. The consumer is left with a favorable impression of you, your expertise, and your service. There is no downside to having the Market Snapshot turned on, although you may want to adjust the Minimum Listings Required setting to Require at least 1 so that no empty snapshots are sent. These options are available in the Market Snapshot Setup section.

Can I send Market Snapshots to®  inquiries automatically?

Yes, if you subscribe to both® and Top Producer, when you receive a lead from® you can set Top Producer to automatically send a personalized Market Snapshot. For details on setting up this feature, see Automatic Follow Up for® Leads.

How do I integrate Top Producer with Market Snapshot?

During the initial setup of Market Snapshot, the setup wizard provided an opportunity to integrate your accounts. If the integration was not completed during the setup wizard, it can still be completed afterwards. For more information, please see the Integrating Top Producer with Market Snapshot article.

Integrating your Top Producer account with your Market Snapshot account enables you to do the following:

  • Access your Top Producer contacts and send them Market Snapshots from within the Market Snapshot Control Panel.
  • Receive newly captured leads.
  • Send and track Snapshots inside Top Producer Contact Records.
  • Send Market Snapshots to® inquiries automatically if you subscribe to®. Along with enabling integration between Top Producer and Market Snapshot, additional setup is required for this feature. For more information, see Automatic Follow Up for® Leads.

How do I restart a failed Snapshot?

Occasionally, a the Market Snapshot will fail to generate. This could happen for several reasons, and will be indicated when viewing the snapshot details in the Market Snapshot Control Panel.

To see a list of your snapshots along with their current status, log in to the Market Snapshot Control Panel, and in the Market Snapshot menu click Market Snapshot Status Report.

In the MS Status pulldown, select Failed and click Reload Report. If there are any failed Snapshots, the Failure Message column will indicate the reason for the failure.

In most cases, the Snapshot will restart on its own on its next scheduled date.

To manually restart the Snapshot again, click the Modify icon to the right. Change the criteria as desired then click Generate

Note: If the issue that caused the failure has not been corrected, the snapshot will continue to fail. The most common reason for Snapshot failure is an incorrect MLS password. For more information about updating your MLS password, see “How do I change my MLS password in Market Snapshot?” below.

How do I change my MLS password in Market Snapshot?

To update your MLS password, log in to the Market Snapshot Control Panel, and in the Setup menu click MLS Setup. Your MLS(s) will be listed along with fields for your MLS Username and Password. Type in your new password and click Save & Close. Market Snapshot will now use the new information to access your MLS data.

When you change your MLS password in your MLS account, you must also update the password in the Market Snapshot Control Panel, otherwise Market Snapshot generation will fail.

Can I Preview a Snapshot Before it is sent?

No. In order to view a Snapshot, it must first be generated.

The Snapshot is not generated until sent to a lead or a contact, this applies whether using the Auto-Send feature or sending it Manually.

However, once generated, you will be sent an email with a link to the Snapshot or you can view it from the Market Snapshot Status Report, and if you have a Top Producer account, from the Top Producer Contact or Lead Details screens.

Does Market Snapshot work on a Mac or iPad?

The Market Snapshot Control Panel can be accessed on a Mac using the Firefox web browser. The Control Panel currently does not support the Safari browser on Mac or iPad.

However, consumers that receive a Market Snapshot from you can view it on a Mac using Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, and view it on an iPad using Safari.

Also, both the Control Panel and the Snapshots themselves will work on a PC running Windows, using either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Will I receive confirmation/failed emails for all of these snapshots?

Our system will send you email notifications on failed snapshots, and may be set to send you notifications on updates and opens.

Go to Setup > Market Snapshot Settings in the main menu to adjust your notification settings.

You can also view the details from the Notifications tab in their Top Producer CRM record, and from the Market Snapshot Status Report in the Market Snapshot Control Panel.

Notifications tab in Top Producer CRM


Market Snapshot Status Report in Market Snapshot Control Panel


Log in to Market Snapshot.

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