The Value of Sending a Market Snapshot to People Who are Just “Looking”

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The Market Snapshot is a first response to consumers at all stages of their property search. The Market Snapshot will create:

Favorable First Impression

Communicate with internet consumers early in the cycle in the manner they prefer: transparent sharing of free information in order to win them as clients over time. The response is fast, uncommonly accurate, and presented with the necessary mapping and interactive graphics that consumers have come to expect. The openness of the service facilitates contact with early stage sellers prospecting for housing information online.

More Personal Dialog with Consumers

Shape consumer expectations by highlighting the exceptions not captured in the free public data. The snapshot naturally frames questions in the mind of consumers, increasing the opportunity for direct personal dialog. It spawns such questions as:

  1. What properties were recently sold and at what price?
  2. How fast are properties selling?
  3. How much inventory exists for homes like mine?
  4. How long will it take to sell?
  5. How can I sell for more?

The service reinforces your proposal by systematically explaining how the local market expert can interpret the many intangibles that do not show up in raw data.

Pointed Follow-Up with Less Effort and Cost

Reduce the burden of fulfillment for all consumer prospects by setting the Market Snapshot on automatic mode (Auto Send MS), providing consumers the initial report and subsequent updates automatically. Because of the difficulty of separating the casual explorer from the more driven researcher, the Snapshot allows you to cost-effectively deliver reports to ALL consumers. Furthermore, the ability for consumers to receive regular agent-branded updates of valuable MLS market data extinguishes any perception of email spam typically associated with drip marketing systems.

Front and Center with your Brand

The Service ensures that your brand remains front and center with consumers as they conduct their lengthy research, ensuring that you are both visible and well-considered when they make their decision to choose a specific agent.

“Direct from Industry Expert” Positioning

The Service guarantees the most up-to-the-minute sold data, active listings, inventory, and days on market counts. Because this data is unavailable on any other similar website, the Snapshot repeatedly messages to the consumer that such a valuable report can come only from a real estate professional. Acknowledging your local market expertise, the service does not purport to provide automatic home valuation or true comparative analysis on-the-fly. This distinguishes Market Snapshot from the other services providing online real estate data. The focus of Market Snapshot is the industry added-value and your branding, enticing consumers to work with you.

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