When leads are generated through Top Marketer they begin receiving a Market Snapshot at regular intervals. When you integrate Top Marketer with Top Producer, you can also automatically apply a follow-up Action Plan. This is a great way to send additional marketing that interconnects your personal style with the powerful content of Market Snapshot.

To configure Top Producer to automatically apply an Action Plan to leads generated through Top Marketer, you must complete the following:

1. Integrate Top Producer with Top Marketer

If you have already set up Top Marketer, there is a good chance this step has already been completed. In fact, if you are receiving Top Marketer leads within Top Producer, the products are already integrated. To confirm the integration, log in to your Top Marketer Control Panel, and in the Setup menu choose Top Producer 7i/8i Account.

Integrate 8i with Market Snapshot

2. Use Landing Pages to Receive Leads

Creating a landing page and provide access to it through external sources like websites and email links. If you are already receiving leads through landing pages, this step has been completed. For information about landing pages, click here.

Landing Pgae

3. Decide Which Action Plan to Use

Create an Action Plan within Top Producer (or chose a default action plan) that you would like to use for follow-up with Top Marketer leads. It is recommended you use an Email based plan, since all Top Marketer lead forms always capture an email address. For information about creating Action Plans in Top Producer, click here.

Action Plans

4. Create an Auto Apply Plan Rule in Top Producer

Create an Auto Apply Plan Rule within Top Producer. Auto Apply Plan Rules tell Top Producer which plan should be applied to an incoming lead based on the Source.

Auto Apply Plan Rules

For information about creating Auto Apply Plan Rules for Top Marketer Leads, use the source TOP MARKETER, and follow the instructions here.

Once the above steps have been completed, you have the peace of mind that your leads will receive current market data in a high-quality presentation through Market Snapshot, and also receive your personalized marketing messages through Top Producer. Better still, this all happens automatically!

Login to create an Auto Apply Plan Rule.