Once you have your Market Snapshot setup completed it’s important to start marketing the service you provide with Market Snapshot and getting the word out to as many potential customers as possible.

A link placed in your email signature is probably the easiest way to provide a Market Snapshot to your potential clients. With every email sent recipients can request free snapshots. This will provide them with free biweekly reports and also generate leads for you.

In addition they will keep receiving these snapshots on a monthly basis, keeping your name and branding in front of them for when they decide to take the next step and buy or sell a house. By keeping your branding in front of potential clients with their Market Snapshot updates you will be the first person that comes to mind when they look for a REALTOR®.

Your first step is to generate an Inquiry Capture form and obtain the Email Link code, which you can learn about here: Top Market Setup Wizard – Inquiry Capture.

Your second step is to insert the Email Link code in your email signature. Click the links below to see how to insert an Email Link code in the signature of some popular email clients. If you have an email client that is not listed here please consult the documentation of that client for the steps to edit signatures.

Adding a Market Snapshot Link to your Signature:

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