A great way to promote your Market Snapshot service is through the use of your own single-topic niche site. A niche site is a website that offers a free tool or service that you are giving away. From the consumers’ point of view, they will be able to obtain valuable market data on home prices and trends on the neighborhoods that are of most interest to them. Other benefits to the consumer and you include:

  • Niche sites have no other tabs, links or offerings; this keeps the consumer focused and contained.
  • The consumer qualifies themselves.
  • There is absolutely no limit as to how many Niche Sites you set up; all leads are centralized directly to your Top Producer account.
  • Attracting leads outside the area you service can easily be referred adding another potential revenue source!

Start by registering a domain that is short and easy to remember. There are numerous companies including Top Producer that register domains for as little as $20 a year. Registering a domain is not complicated and does not require web pages or complicated administration; it is simply the process of reserving the domain name that you select. Keep in mind you are promoting a free service and not yourself as an agent. Your domain should include your city, town or community and a reference to the service you are offering. Some good examples of such domains would be:

  • www.freecityhomevalues.com
  • www.homevalueinsunbeach.com
  • www.homevaluecommunity.com
  • www.myhomevalueinsunbeach.com

Once you have your Niche Site created you can then market that site using various creative methods such as…

  • Running small print ads offering free Market Snapshot reports with your new domain featured front and center.
  • Create business cards advertising your new service and additionally put the new URL on the back of your current business cards.
  • Use creative marketing techniques such as advertising on yard/directional signs, flyers, car signage, and postcards.