These instructions will take you through the process of adding a customized Market Snapshot Widget to your Top Producer Website. Using a customized Widget gives you the ability to change the required fields, colors, source, and various other options.

For information on how to add the standard Market Snapshot Widget, click here.

The below instructions assume you have already obtained the Web Form code for Market Snapshot from within the Inquiry Capture section of Top Marketer. For information on how to obtain the Web Form code, click here.

Note: When creating a customized widget in the Market Snapshot Inquiry Capture Setup, it is not necessary to choose the Top Producer Website form style. Simply choose the options you want and obtain the Web Form Code.

  1. Login to the Website Control Panel.
  2. Select Edit Site.
  3. Select Manage My Web Boxes.
  4. Create a Custom Message web box.

    Adding a Customized Market           Snapshot Web Box to a Top Producer Website

  5. Enter in a Web Box Title and use the Display Title option to choose if the title should be visible on the page.
  6. In the body of the custom message, type “snapshot”. This is a placeholder to help you find the correct place to insert the custom Web Form code.
  7. Switch to HTML editor mode by clicking the <> icon in the bottom left of the editor screen.

    Adding a Customized Market           Snapshot Web Box to a Top Producer Website

  8. Find and select (highlight) the placeholder text “snapshot” that you entered into the web box, and delete it by pressing Delete on your keyboard.
  9. With your cursor still in the same place, paste the Web Form code obtained from Top Marketer. To paste, Right-click and select Paste, or press CTRL-V on your keyboard. The full web form for your Market Snapshot will appear within the rest of the code. Click OK.
  10. Select Edit Site.
  11. Select Manage My Web Boxes.
  12. Under My Web Boxes, select the custom Web Box you just created for Market Snapshot.
  13. Under the Add Selected Web Box to section, click the check box next to each page for which you would like the web box to appear.
  14. Click Done to save your changes. View your web page(s) and verify the form appears.