The below instructions assume you have already obtained the Link Code for Market Snapshot from within the Inquiry Capture Setup section of Top Marketer. If you have not obtained the Link Code, see Getting the Market Snapshot Text Link Code.

  1. Login to the Number 1 Expert Administrative Control panel. The login icon can be found at the top right hand corner or your website.
  2. Click [Your Name]’s Personal Login, and then NUMBER1EXPERTTM Control Center and Tools. You will be prompted to login to the Control Center. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click Diamond Cutter. Enabling Diamond Cutter allows you to edit and make changes to your website. Proceed through the Diamond Cutter User Agreement.

    Note: You will then see your webpage reload. You will see a series of white Diamond Cutter (DC) Buttons throughout the site. These buttons allow you to make edits to the site and also add DC Elements.

  4. Click the DC Start button. A pop-up window will load which allows the selection of various DC Elements. From the “choose element” drop down select the Wysiwyg element.
  5. Click the Save Changes Made to This Page button. This will result in a disclaimer being displayed. Once read, click OK if you wish to proceed.
  6. The editor window will appear. Place your cursor in the editor and type the following code, or copy it and paste, into the body of the wysiwyg editor.

    <p align="center"><iframe src=[INSERT URL HERE] frameborder="0" width="620" scrolling="no" height="620"></iframe></p>

    Note: The width and height numbers (in pixels) in the above code are approximations and may need to be adjusted depending on your website.

  7. Select the Source Tab in the Editor. In the editor area highlight the bold font that says [INSERT URL HERE] and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  8. With your cursor still placed where you deleted [INSERT URL HERE], paste the Link Code obtained from Top Marketer. To paste, Right-click and select Paste, or press CTRL-V on your keyboard. The full URL for your Market Snapshot will appear within the rest of the code. Make sure there is no space between “src=” and the link, and that there is one space after the link before “frameborder”.
  9. Click Save Changes. View your web page and verify the form appears.