You can create up to ten “pre-set” searches for your IDX site. After selecting specific search criteria (such as location, listing features, and property features), the custom search creates a URL.

The search URL can be used as a standalone website or framed into Top Producer® Websites or Featured Website™. When a customer clicks the URL, a summary page appears with listings that match the pre-set search criteria.

To create a custom search:

  1. Open the Custom Searches page by selecting Custom Searches under the Listings menu.
  2. 1

  3. Click the Add button next to an empty custom search.
  4. 2

  5. The screen refreshes with a list of search criteria.

  6. Select the criteria that you would like factored into the search results.

  7. At the bottom of the page, type a relevant name at the end of the URL.

    Note: Only numbers and letters may be used in the search name. Names are limited to a maximum of 40 characters.

  8. Click Save

Login to create a custom search.