Top Producer IDX seamlessly integrates with Top Producer Websites. Using the steps below, you can add an IDX menu item and page to your Top Producer Website so website visitors can search for local listings.

Tip: You’ll also want to update your profile info too—picture, logo, contact info—as this appears on your listings and any listing alerts that are sent on your behalf.

Step 1—get the URL for your IDX site:

  1. Log in to Top Producer IDX.
  2. Go to Account > My Profile > in the IDX URL(s) section, click View on the right > then copy your MLS Search URL (shown highlighted below).


Step 2—add the IDX page to your Top Producer Website:

1. Log in to Top Producer Websites.

2. Click Edit My Site > Manage My Pages > then click Add Main Page in the bottom left.

3. In the Lead Generation Pages section, click IDX.

4. The Page editor—IDX page is split into three parts: Page Options, Web Boxes and IDX Link. Image - Adding IDX Pages To Your Top Producer Website

Page Options: Click Page Options to expand the section, where you can specify your page’s name, title, description and keywords to ensure it’s optimized for search engines.

Web Boxes: Click Web Box to expand the section and select the web boxes you want on the page.

IDX Link: Paste your IDX URL that you copied in the first section.

5. When done, click Preview to take a look, then click OK.