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The redesigned IDX search page is now mobile-friendly, and the easy-to-use filters make it a cinch for your website visitors to search all local listings. Before we show you the new page, let’s take a quick look at the old one.

If you’ve been using Top Producer IDX for a while, your IDX page likely looked a little like this:

It wasn’t mobile-friendly (taboo in today’s online world), nor was it super easy to use. (Admittedly, all those options are a bit overwhelming.)

Old IDX page

So we redesigned the search experience and came up with this:

All they have to do is select a city, or type in a city, zip or MLS ID…

Search city

…to display all local listings. All the same search options are available, but rather than have them all in your face up front, the less common filters are available via the More link.

IDX search results

And the mobile-friendly design and ability to save searches will keep consumers coming back for more.

New IDX search

What else did we change?

Websites today need to be simple, free of clutter and mobile-friendly. Not only that, but your IDX page should focus on one main goal—helping consumers easily search for their dream home on whatever device they want to.

That said, we removed some additional functionality that was available but not needed in order to achieve the end result. Here’s a list of what we changed:

  • When viewing a list of properties there’s now 1 view—the list view. The map view has been removed, but don’t fret—our new design includes a map in the individual property details.

Property map

  • Adding open houses to your listings has been removed, and the listing comparison feature is no longer available. If consumers want to compare 2 homes, they should speak to a qualified professional—you.
  • Creating IDX web boxes is no longer supported. (Your listing search is prominently displayed on your site, so not to worry.)
  • You no longer set the price range of the listings that appear in the search results—let the consumers do that!
  • And lastly, since consumers are more likely to save their search rather than print it, the printable version of the search results is no longer available.

That aside, we know your website visitors are going to enjoy the simplicity and attractive design, and you can rest easy knowing it’ll appear flawless on any device.

Top Producer IDX search

How do I set it up?

If you already have IDX on your website, you don’t have to lift a finger. The new responsive design is already available on your site.

And if you’re a new user or don’t have an IDX page on your site yet, it’s easy to add one. Check out this article for details, and contact us if you need help!

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