About Market Snapshot

Using Top Marketer, you can send automatically generated real-time Market Snapshots – MLS market updates, trend analysis, and community and school reports – to a set of subscribers for the purpose of generating leads and listings. Market Snapshots provide rapid, automatic, informative responses to new Web leads and to existing contacts.

From the Top Marketer Control Panel, you can:

Before you can use the Market Snapshot service, you must set up your MLS data connection to access your listing information. Once that is complete, you are ready to generate your first Market Snapshot.

School and Community Information

US customers can receive community or school information in addition to market information in their Snapshots. You must first set up the community and school reports feature before you can add them to your Market Snapshot. Once subscribed, tabs for these reports appear next to the 'Market Info' tab.

School Information in a Market Snapshot



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