Introducing Top Marketer

Top Marketer is a suite of marketing applications accessed from the Top Marketer Control Panel. Top Marketer's applications are described below.

Market Data

Top Marketer retrieves data from various sources. This data is analyzed and can be used in Market Data Displays that show current market conditions in a specified area. These displays can be published to a variety of locations and, once published, are updated monthly to ensure they are current and accurate. For more information, see "About Market Data".

Market Snapshot

Using Market Snapshot you can send automatically generated real-time Market Snapshots – MLS market updates, trend analysis, and community and school reports – to your customers. You can:


You can be involved in the creation and distribution of a monthly Newsletter to existing and potential clients. You define the type of content you want, and the specific area for the Market Data display, and Top Marketer creates a Newsletter. It will contain current information relevant to your specifications. Additionally, you can review and edit the Newsletter before it is distributed.

Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards

The Just Listed/Just Sold Postcard direct-mail marketing service sends personalized postcards that promote your recently listed or sold listing to addresses in the property's neighborhood. Using this service, you can: