Office 365

Office 365 Integration FAQ

Setup General Contacts Calendar Feed You can use the Calendar Feed feature to add your Top Producer CRM calendar to your Office 365 Calendar. For details and FAQs related to this feature, see the Calendar Feed article. Login to use Office 365 Integration.


Office 365 Contact Integration

The Office 365 integration allows you to pull all of your Office 365 contacts in to Top Producer CRM. After the initial pull from Office 365, updates occur automatically at scheduled times. This means that any contacts you’ve added or updated in Office 365 since the last update will be sent to Top Producer CRM


Setting Up Office 365 Integration

Once you’ve linked your Office 365 account to Top Producer CRM, you can pull in all of your Office 365 (Outlook) contacts. Updates will then occur automatically at scheduled times and you can automatically initiate them too. (See the Contacts section for more details.) Note: This article focuses on integrating your Office 365 (Outlook) contacts