Setting Up

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Top Producer® 8i CRM: Logging In for the First Time

Once you’ve received your email from Top Producer giving you your username and initial password, you can log in. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to accept the subscriber agreement and enter some basic user information. Log in to Top Producer CRM at If your login is successful,


Adding a Desktop Shortcut for Top Producer® 8i CRM

To create an icon on your desktop to quickly access Top Producer CRM, follow the steps below. On a PC: On a blank space on your desktop right-click and choose New > Shortcut. In the location box type in: and click Next. In the name box type in Top Producer CRM and click Finish.


Top Producer® 8i CRM: Step 1 of 4 – Agent Information

On the first step of the Setup Wizard, Agent Information, enter as much information about yourself and your company as you can. This information can automatically appear in the marketing material you send out. Watch the Video: Agent Information: In the Agent Information area, fill out your contact information. Keep in mind the following considerations:


Top Producer® 8i CRM: Step 2 of 4 – MLS Connectivity

Top Producer CRM uses Top Connector to retrieve information from your MLS. You must configure each MLS associated with your account, and enter the correct credentials (usually just your MLS username and password) into the fields. Watch the Video: A list of the MLS accounts associated with your account will be shown under MLS Connectivity


Top Producer® 8i CRM: New User Resources

You’ve logged in, you’ve imported your contact list, maybe you’ve had a look around in your Top Producer CRM account, and you’re starting to get an idea of all of the ways that this versatile, powerful program can help build your business and maintain your relationships with your clients. With so many options though, it


Top Producer® 8i CRM: Step 4 of 4 – Sync/Data Import

On the last step of the wizard you can sync your Top Producer CRM contacts and calendar with Google or Outlook, and you can import contacts from a CSV or vCard file. Using these methods, it will take you no time to get your contacts into Top Producer CRM! Watch the Video: If you don’t