Top Producer Mobile: Basics FAQ

Do I need to synchronize my data? No, there is no need to synchronize your data. Any information you enter in Top Producer Mobile is immediately available in Top Producer desktop and vice versa. If I perform an action that temporarily closes Top Producer Mobile, how do I return to the site? There are certain


Top Producer Mobile: The Home Page

From the Home page you can access your contacts, the Follow-up Coach, tasks, notes, leads and listing and closing information. Tap to access icons that enable you to quickly add a contact , activity , note or send a Market Snapshot (if you have a Market Snapshot license). Tap to view your Contacts list, where


Top Producer Mobile: Navigation Tips

Using the “swipe” shortcut When viewing the Contacts, Sales Pipeline, My Business, Notes and Properties lists, swipe the contact’s name, activity description, note or property address to perform various functions (see example below). Swipe the contact’s name from left to right. Choose from the available options that appear. In this example, you can add an