Setting Up Market Snapshot

Step 1 – Editing Your Branding

The first step of the Setup Wizard enables you to specify how your branding will appear on the snapshot reports you send to your contacts. You can define this information or import it from your® or Top Producer CRM account. 1. Import your Contact Information (Optional) Save time and ensure branding consistency by importing


Step 2 – Verifying Your MLS Credentials

The second step of the Setup Wizard enables you to enter your MLS credentials, which are required in order to send snapshot reports. The MLS(s) you specified you have access to when you subscribed to Top Marketer appear in this list. Watch the Video: To set your MLS credentials: If you have more than one


Step 3 – Sending a Test Market Snapshot

Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 of the Setup Wizard, you can send yourself a test snapshot report to ensure your branding and MLS credentials are set correctly. The report will be sent to the email address you specify. Watch the Video: To send a snapshot report to yourself: Click Create Market Snapshot. Enter