From the Contacts list you can search for a contact by their first/last/company name and contact type. You can also tap the first letter of the contact’s last name to locate them in the list, or display only your favorite contacts.

Tip: Swiping a contact’s name provides a quick way to add a note or call/email a contact.


  1. Search by contact type (tap Type > select the contact type(s) > tap Apply). Alternatively, to enter the contact type you want to search for, tap Type All Types > enter the contact type(s) in the available field on the Select Types page.
  2. Tap A-Z to search by the first letter of the contact’s last name or display only your favorite (favorite-icon) contacts.
  3. Search by first, last or company name.
  4. Add a contact.
  5. Swipe a contact’s name to quickly add an activity, note or call/email the contact.
  6. Indicates a favorite contact.