Using The Data Transfer Wizard To Import Your Data

Please make sure you complete the steps in theData Transfer Wizard - Preparing to Import Your Dataarticle before importing your data.

Once you have the TP Data Transfer.exe saved to your desktop, double-click the icon to install and open the Top Producer 7i Data Transfer Wizard.

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Note: If prompted, click OK to restart your computer.

To import your data using the Top Producer 7i Data Transfer Wizard, complete the following steps carefully.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 1 of 9

  1. From the list of programs displayed, select the program from which the contacts were exported. For example, select Outlook 2000 CSV file if your exported data file is from Outlook 2000.
  2. If your program does not appear in the list, select .CSV file, then click Next.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 2 of 9

  1. In the appropriate text boxes, type your Top Producer 7i Username and Password, then click Next.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 3 of 9

  1. Select the source data file that you want transferred into Top Producer 7i.
    1. Click Browse to display the Select the file to transfer pop-up window.
    2. Click the Files of type drop-down list and select .CSV or .TXT.
    3. Click the Look in drop-down list and navigate to the location of the exported .csv or .txt file on your computer. Select the file and click Open.
    4. The selected file and its path appear in the Select data file section. Click Next.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 4 of 9

The Data Transfer Wizard’s Field Mapping Utility allows you to map and import most data files with relative ease. Mapping defines how data in your source file will be imported into Top Producer 7i. For example, fields must be mapped correctly to ensure that your contact’s first name is mapped to the First name field in Top Producer 7i and won’t accidentally appear in the address field.

If you have a complex data file or are not comfortable with the mapping procedures, please contact Top Producer Technical Support for further assistance.

  1. If you selected:
    • A source program from the list (i.e., Outlook 2000, Prep, etc.), the mapping settings will be automatically defined. Do NOT change these settings. However, you should still review the mapping settings to verify that the data is mapped properly. Use the scroll bar in the Map these values list on the left to review the values stored in each contact record. Use the Previous (Image - Prvo) or Next (Image -   NextArrow) arrows located below the Map these values list to review the subsequent contact records.

      If the data appears to be mapped correctly, click Next.
    • The .CSV file option, you will need to manually map your data.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 5 of 9

You should now assign a unique contact type to the contacts being imported. This will allow you to locate these contacts, and even edit or delete these contacts in the event the data was not properly mapped prior to the import. If you do not assign a unique contact type to the records now, it may be difficult to locate and then edit or delete these contacts later.

  1. To assign a contact type, select one or more contact types from the list, then click Assign.

    You can also type directly into the Contact types field. Any contact type you enter manually will be added to the list of Top Producer 7i contact types, and you can search for this group in Top Producer 7i using the Quick search feature.

    If you do not know what to enter in the Contact types field, we suggest you use the word "Imported" along with the current date. For example, "Imported_June_11_2007".

Note: When entering multiple contact types, separate each type with a comma [,]. You should limit any symbols and punctuation to only the most common ones. As well, remember to NOT use the comma unless it is being used to separate multiple contact types.

  1. Click Next once your contact type(s) have been assigned.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 6 of 9

  1. A grid displays all the information that will be imported into Top Producer 7i. Verify that the data is correctly mapped to the respective Top Producer 7i data fields, by comparing each column's header with the data contained directly underneath it. For example, make sure that first name, last name, address, etc. appear in the correct fields.

Note: If it appears that the data is NOT correctly mapped, make a note of which fields are incorrect and click Back twice to return to the mapping process. Then refer to the Manually Mapping Data from a CSV File for information on how to correctly map import fields.

  1. If the data is mapped correctly, click Next.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 7 of 9

  1. Enter your personal email address (not your email address for Top Producer 7i), then click Start.

Note: Make sure that your email address is correct as it is used to send you an email advising on the status of the data import.

It may take some time to import your data into Top Producer 7i. During this time, DO NOT login to the program until the import is successful. When it is safe to access your data in Top Producer 7i, you will be sent an email confirming the data import was successful.

If you perform the data import process multiple times, your imported contact information will be duplicated in Top Producer 7i. Any contacts in the imported data that are already in your Top Producer 7i database will also be duplicated.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 8 of 9

  1. The Data transfer in progress window displays the progress of sending your data to Top Producer 7i.

Note: If you click Cancel to cancel the data transfer, no data will be imported.

Data Transfer Wizard – step 9 of 9

  1. When the data transfer is complete, click Finish. When the data has been successfully imported into Top Producer 7i, you will be sent an email advising that the import process is finished. At that time, you can login to Top Producer 7i and review the data you have imported to ensure it was successful.

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